Monday, May 2, 2011

I yelled at a frog today

Well actually, I think it was a toad.
I was on my way out to my car this afternoon and noticed that there was dirt all over the table in my carport. I looked around wondering what happened and realized that the plants I'd just propagated and put in a dish were all pushed around because a fat toad had wiggled his way in there and under the dirt. I took a look into the bowl and glared at his smug-toady eyes and told him
"Listen, I'm tired of you pushing your way into all my gardens. I just planted these plants and you made a big mess of everything, pushed my little buds around, and kicked dirt out all over the table!"
Then I scraped up the mess and threw the dirt back in the bowl on top of him with disdain.
Now, don't going feeling sorry for him. This isn't the first time this culprit his thrown his weight around and dug his way into one of my dish gardens. He's welcome to be there if he behaves himself and doesn't mess things up. He has plenty of choices. I have at least 20 potted plants out there he could live in but he went out of his way to get up on that table and into that bowl. Arrogant amphibian! He'd better watch out. I'm going to give him a name and put it on my black list. Watch out toady...It's on!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sarah and Kirk, this is for you.

My friends Sarah and Kirk, who convinced me to start this blog, reminded me today that I've not posted anything in a while. So, here's a few thoughts for you...
I just watched Rick Steve explore Oslo, Norway. At the end of the program he says " I'm Rick Steve, keep on traveling!" Must be nice. I wish I could keep on traveling're a lucky dude. Even though Norway wouldn't be the first place I'd visit.
Along with my delusions of overseas travel I've been having color hallucinations. As I fall asleep at night or have a peaceful moment during the day, I'm overwhelmed with thoughts about color combinations or things I should paint.
I suppose I should get a move on huh? And I call myself and artist. Well, really I don't often. Anyhow...I need to paint. Pray for me.
Yesterday I bought two plates at Goodwill. They're by an artist named Vera Neumann. She was around a long time ago and I quite like her designs...I have a small collection of scarves and cloth napkins with her designs on them...anyhow, the plates, to my surprise, have one of her designs on them...wonderful!! They have blue and purple figs painted on them and now I'm hallucinating in blue and odd thing for me since I usually gravitate toward warmer colors. I think I'm going to paint my mailbox in honor of my Vera plates. I'll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This morning I was reading the Parable of the Growing Seed from Mark 4 and began to wonder about the stages of seed germination and growth. I've been thinking about incorporating images of sprouting seeds in a piece that I started over two years ago. So, I busted out my encyclopedia and searched for images of....just kidding! I googled it. Technology is weird but sometimes wonderful. Who needs patience anyway right?
Anyhow, I looked up images and found the work of an artist named Michael Yankowski. He works in wood and other materials and from what I can tell he's based in Louisiana. He has several wonderful pieces that reference scripture and I thought you might like to check them out. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to just go ahead and post his site on here but google his name and take a look at them. I think they're a wonderful articulation of the Word.
I also sent him and e-mail asking for more information on his overall influence by the Word. We'll see what he says! Have a wonderful day friends! Happy viewing! Lisa><>

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A good first day

Today was my first day at Anthropology. It went well. I'm learning all sorts of new skills plus I get to take in the sights and smells of the store all day...still not tired of it. Afterward, I went to hang out with my friend Tawnny and her little girl to catch up on life and cookie eating.
I was just reflecting on the day and realized two things, I'm good at helping people, and I'm good at eating cookies. How's that for introspection? Pretty profound I thought.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's late.

I could be in bed but instead, I'm sitting on my couch watching perhaps one of the most random movies I've seen yet. I think it's called "Dungeon Master." It just got weirder. Strange puppets and the awkward lead actor just chopped the arm off a character that didn't respond.
Obviously, I've not had too many insightful moments to report. But I can share that it was a good weekend. Friday evening I hosted our staff team Christmas party. Our white elephant gift exchange and my director's son kept us pretty entertained :) Fun for all. And note to self : small children WILL FIND all the small bits of things in your house and share them with the floor.
After the party, I ran out the door to my friend Liz's birthday party which was a blast and kept me entertained until I had to rush back home ( with a whole 10min to spare) to try and pick up the "fun" from our party. A few friends from West Palm crashed at the house that night. We all went to Epcot for the day Saturday,(for free!) thanks to complimentary tickets. A fun day capped off by the Candelight Christmas concert, which was a delight.
This morning I slept in and went to church where, once again, my pastor shared the word to the point of my tears. So good. I then had my first day at Anthropologie, well, my orientation to my part-time job there. Excited! After work, my friend Danika, her husband Greg and I spent a little time together and well, that's it friends. There's all you didn't care to know about my weekend but read about anyway.
Hope you're doing well. I think next time I'll post another picture. Maybe one of my doodles instead of all the details of my weekend :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bad computer, BAD!

I was all ready to post something pleasant and insightful BUT I just accidentally deleted photos from a month's worth of meaningful events and life, off my computer...PERMANENTLY!!! oooh! I'm so mad!

Listen Technology, and listen good. Deleting photos from both folders on my computer when I only told you to delete one is NOT going to win my trust or my further investment of time. I'm so mad at you right now, I can't believe I'm blogging!
That's it! You're being punished. I'm not spending any more time with you tonight.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teatime with Friends

Today I had two—cranberry with white chocolate—scones and was talked into starting this blog.