Monday, May 2, 2011

I yelled at a frog today

Well actually, I think it was a toad.
I was on my way out to my car this afternoon and noticed that there was dirt all over the table in my carport. I looked around wondering what happened and realized that the plants I'd just propagated and put in a dish were all pushed around because a fat toad had wiggled his way in there and under the dirt. I took a look into the bowl and glared at his smug-toady eyes and told him
"Listen, I'm tired of you pushing your way into all my gardens. I just planted these plants and you made a big mess of everything, pushed my little buds around, and kicked dirt out all over the table!"
Then I scraped up the mess and threw the dirt back in the bowl on top of him with disdain.
Now, don't going feeling sorry for him. This isn't the first time this culprit his thrown his weight around and dug his way into one of my dish gardens. He's welcome to be there if he behaves himself and doesn't mess things up. He has plenty of choices. I have at least 20 potted plants out there he could live in but he went out of his way to get up on that table and into that bowl. Arrogant amphibian! He'd better watch out. I'm going to give him a name and put it on my black list. Watch out toady...It's on!